On Thursday the 11th November 2010 the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson unveiled a life size mock up the new bus for London at the Acton Depot of the London Transport Museum. He was accompanied by the Minister for Northern Ireland; Mr Peter Hendy of Transport for London and a representative from Wrightbus. Speaking to an invited Press audience he outlined some details about the new design and its projected capabilities, which is costing 8,000,000..


The extremely life-like full size mock up is made mainly of wood and glass and at present has no engine. The finished bus will have a hybrid engine projected to produce 15% less emissions than current hybrids and 30% less than current standard buses. It has three doors, the rear of which incorporates a platform which can remain open when a crew of two is on board. It has two staircases. 


The current internal layout will be shown to various focus groups whilst the model is at Acton before the final internal layout of seating etc. is confirmed. 


It was stated that it will carry 87 passengers, but it was not made clear whether that includes standing passengers. 


For comparison: 

The first completed prototype will be introduced in service in late 2011, with four more in early 2012 (before the Olympics?). After that it will be for the bus operators in London to place orders for more buses.


The buses will be manufactured by Wrightbus at their factory in Ballymena in Northern Ireland.