Transport Watch - July 2011


It was reported in The Gazette in January that the terminal point for bus route 427 in Acton was being extended from King Street (Market Place) to Acton Old Town Hall, from 15 January. But recently it became apparent that although the buses were running to the Old Town Hall and picking up passengers on the return journey at the Salisbury Street, Market Place (McDonalds), and Steyne Road stops, eastbound they were still setting down all passengers at the King Street stop rather than allowing them to continue to the Old Town Hall.

EPTUG has taken this up with Transport for London, which was unaware that passengers were not being carried over this new extension. By the time you read this column, TfL have assured us that passengers will be carried to Acton, Old Town Hall - though it may be a few weeks before all the buses have had their "I-Bus" stop announcing system amended.

If a driver still tries to put passengers off at King Street, please let EPTUG know on our hotline message phone (020 8998 0999).




For a considerable time, EPTUG has been pressing for additional capacity on trains from stations in the Borough to Paddington, to relieve the excessive overcrowding on the First Great Western line. It culminated in a deputation meeting with the Transport Minister and other officials a few months ago.

Informed sources tell us that there will be improvements in the capacity offered from local stations to Paddington before the commencement of Crossrail, though at the present time no date has been made for their introduction. It would appear that First Great Western are to hire some available trains to replace those on other services which will be cascaded down to the Thames Valley line. EPTUG will be keeping the situation under review.




Chiltern Railways is upgrading its track from Marylebone through to Banbury to allow train speeds of up to 100 mph. Extensive track laying and changing of the geometry of junctions will take place over two weeks starting on 13 August.  This will entail the effective closing of Marylebone Station as the terminus and the main-line London services will terminate at Paddington. There will be no trains on our local section from West Ruislip, Northolt Park, the Sudbury Stations and Wembley Stadium.  As there will be great pressure on the tracks into Paddington, First Great Western's Greenford / Ealing Broadway / Paddington service will be partly suspended for two weeks.




When Crossrail opens, it is expected that passengers using the main line will double. At many places, like Ealing Broadway, the station is already at capacity, so Crossrail is proposing to enlarge the station (and put in lifts).

But current proposals mean that (to save money) there will be no escalators and nothing will be done to improve the interchange between the trains and buses, cars or taxis. Crossrail's direct connections to the City of London and Canary Wharf mean that many people from Hounslow and Harrow will want to board Crossrail at an Ealing station - we expect the demand for bus travel to the Crossrail stations will double. But no-one seems interested in taking this opportunity to solve the problem while Ealing Broadway Station is being rebuilt, incorporating a proper interchange - ideally similar to the one at Hammersmith.

Save Ealing's Centre (an alliance of community groups which want to see improvements in the centre of Ealing) has launched a petition which you might wish to sign.

 You can sign on-line at 

or write to SEC, 28 The Grove, Ealing W5 5LH 

or phone 020 8144 4874.