Transport Watch - September 2010  


We are pressing London Buses for a meeting to discuss disruption plans for buses through Southall when festivals (3 or 4 a year) take place. At the moment service providers and drivers can operate any way they wish because we EPTUG have no idea where they should go. We would also like to have an input to those plans.


Volunteers from EPTUG have started handing out survey forms to early morning commuters at Southall, Hanwell and West Ealing to try and assess the level of overcrowding - with a view to meeting the new Minister. You know the meeting with the previous minister resulted in a refusal etc but all good EPTUG PR.


Another battle front is the Sunday service cuts at Southall - we have sent a letter to  Mark Hopwood FGW CEO. Also on this story, Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes shares our concerns.


The improved service on the 120 route Northolt Southall Hounslow has been welcomed by users along the route. This is a battle EPTUG has been fighting for years -well worth building up on this story.


EPTUG is helping LBE draft its bus network plan - Our suggestions include introduction of more limited stop services (eg routes 65 & 140)  

Do readers  have any ideas?


The new Ealing Broadway station - confidence grows that it will happen - EPTUG playing a major role in plans