Old Oak Common station on the London Overground

Your chairman thinks it would be a good idea to build a new track along the north side of Wormwood Scrubs open space in order to have both branches of the Overground stopping at the same station at Old Oak Common. Unsurprisingly the local residents don't want any more railway track built in an area which already looks like Spaghetti Junction for railways. If you have an opinion then please contact us at info@EPTUG.org

Boris says Piccadilly Line to stop at Turnham Green in 2023

According to Mary Macleod MP on 18 December 2013 "The Mayor of London has just announced that the Piccadilly line will stop at Turnham Green station throughout the day after the Piccadilly line upgrades take place." 

Well the upgrades are planned to start in 2017 for completion by 2023.

The scathing HS2 report ministers want to hide

Ministers are fighting to stop full publication of a report which raises “major concerns” about “risky” construction timetable for HS2 

by Andrew Gilligan in The Telegraph 14 December 2013

A suppressed Cabinet Office report into HS2 raised “major concerns” about its “risky” construction timetable, poor management, insufficient work on costs and the capability of the people involved.

...and new data show that, despite the economic recovery, peak-time use of the [West Coast Main] line is actually collapsing, with long-distance peak arrivals at Euston falling by nearly 10 per cent last year. 
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Railway barons invest little cash but take massive returns

5.11.2013 marks the 20th anniversary of rail privatisation. According to the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, in the financial year ending March 2012 the train companies gained an average return of 147%  on their investment.

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Overcrowding on the Piccadilly Line - Question to Boris and answer

Our petition was successful. Our assembly member Dr Onkar Sahota tabled the following question for the Mayor's Question Time on 20th March 2013:


Heathrow Train Fares Question 1171/2013


Will the Mayor agree to the call by Ealing Passenger Transport Users' Group and conduct a full review of public transport costs from and between Paddington to Heathrow including the use of the Oyster card beyond Hayes & Harlington station, in order to relieve pressure on the already overcrowded Piccadilly Line?


Written response from the Mayor in 2013

The train service from Ealing to Heathrow and Paddington will be under Mayoral control in five years time as part of the Crossrail project.


Crossrail will increase service capacity from Ealing by a factor of four and will provide a new direct link into the West End and the City. This will make it a realistic alternative to the Piccadilly Line.


Crossrail will be fully integrated into the TfL fares and ticketing system, including the acceptance of Oyster at all stations.


I appreciate the frustrations of the Ealing Group.  However, given that I do not currently have any control over this service, I am afraid I cannot help at this current time. 

Route 27 extended to Chiswick Business Park - But who benefits?

Saturday 10th November 2012 

Bus route 27 has finally been extended to Chiswick Business Park. But the only stop in the business park is the terminus which is at the far end and down 2 flights of steps or a lift. It will be convenient for building 7 when that gets constructed.

The next stop on the route is at Chiswick Road which is well outside the business park. Amazingly there is no stop at Gunnersbury Station. This must be the only bus route which passes a station without stopping.   

Can anyone tell me of any other such route? Even the 607 stops at every station.

This has come about as a result of section 106 money being paid by the developer. We can hope that the long-awaited extension of route E10 from Haven Green to Chiswick Business Park will happen soon.


Click here for our wish list of improvements to particular bus, train and underground  services

Lido Junction is Ready

At the Lido junction in West Ealing,  the council have done what we asked of them. They have installed pedestrian crossings on all 4 arms of the junction.

When the EPTUG representative first suggested an all-red phase of the lights so that pedestrians could cross two arms in one go, it was derided as not workable. However TfL have decided it is acceptable.


607 bus stop at Christchurch Ealing

When the new westbound Bond St bus stop was introduced in New Broadway, most routes were transferred to it from the Christchurch stop (X) but the 607 was missed off.

Since EPTUG raised the issue with TfL they have reviewed the situation and decided that the 607 will revert to using stop X.

Overcrowding on the Great Western line

22 November 2011

Train operator, First Great Western has successfully secured and is investing in 48 additional carriages, which will come into service between February and September 2012.

The new vehicles will mean an extra 4,500 seats will be available for customers into London from the west, including South Wales, Bristol , Swindon, Didcot and Oxford across the morning and evening peaks - an increase of around 9 per cent.

Two three-car Class 150 trains - six carriages - will also be leased and refreshed to operate weekday commuter services between Reading and Basingstoke, increasing peak capacity by around 13 per cent.

6 July 2011


Informed sources tell us that there will be improvements in the capacity offered from local stations to Paddington before the commencement of Crossrail, though at the present time no date has been made for their introduction. 


It would appear that First Great Western are to hire some available trains to replace those on other services which will be cascaded down to the Thames Valley line. 


We will be keeping the situation under review.

Photo by Tom Doran 

taken at Southall

Crossrail not to lose branches or stations for savings

Crossrail latest


but the rebuild of Ealing Broadway Station has been put back to 2018.

See also Transport Watch May 2011

According to Crossrail Bulletin for May 2011:

"Crossrail services will commence on the central section in late 2018". 

This will be 

"followed by a phased introduction of services along the rest of the route"

So expect Crossrail trains through Ealing from December 2019.

 Chiltern Line

Turnham Green on the Piccadilly Line

Turnham Green on the District Line
EPTUG have been partly successful in our campaign to improve services in the borough. Read report Turnham Green could get trains on weekends and earlier evenings.

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TfL have now confirmed that they are planning to add an extra Ealing Broadway-bound District Line train to the timetable during the evening rush hour.

Overcrowding on the Great Western line

October 2010 

We handed out survey forms to early morning commuters at Southall, Hanwell and West Ealing travelling towards Paddington. 

We received 265 replies. To see the results click here.

26 January 2011

Photo by Tom Doran 

Taken at West Ealing showing  that some passengers have given up trying to get on the 2-car train 

to Ealing Broadway, Acton Mainline, Paddington. 

There will now be a 15-minute wait for the 5-car Heathrow Connect train to Ealing Broadway and
Paddington, which may be just as crowded.
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28 February 2011

We met the minister Theresa Villiers MP to discuss the early provision of more rolling stock. 

Ealing Central & Acton MP Angie Bray, who was also present, told her that waiting until Crossrail starts operation was not a suitable answer.   

The minister agreed the current situation is totally unsatisfactory and told us there will be new rolling stock in 2014.

Read the report we presented to her.

31 May 2011

Rail firms will be fined for running overcrowded trains

In a white paper this year the government is planning to change franchise agreements to incentivise Train Operating Companies to provide extra space for passengers on overcrowded trains.

Watch this space ...

Ealing Broadway Interchange

Ealing Council's consultants' report on possible new arrangements for buses at Ealing Broadway has now been made public. The council intend to take forward 3 of the simplest and cheapest options. These are estimated to cost between £4m and £10m. If they get funding from TfL they plan to put these to public consultation.

In the meantime Ealing Friends of the Earth would like to offer a new alternative arrangement for traffic and buses which should make life easier for bus passengers.

Mayor Boris' Transport Strategy

Turnham Green on the Piccadilly Line

This has been published. You can get it from:

For a long time the new electronic destination boards on the Piccadilly Line platforms suggested that trains stop there all day.

After discussion with EPTUG, Caroline Pidgeon AM (above) has persuaded London Underground to display a message on the boards to say that trains only stop early mornings & late evenings.