Some of EPTUG's achievements

Much of what we do may never show up on the surface. We lobby, we pressurise and sometimes we object and only time will tell whether this does good or not.  

We attend committees, we meet with councillors, MPs, and the rail and bus operators to press for improved transport but we cannot of course measure the benefits we gain.  

But here are some of the topics, major and minor. Please judge for yourself.  

Overcrowding on FGW trains including face to face meetings with two ministers for transport. Result 5 extra 5 coach trains allocated to FGW.

Lobbied Heathrow Express to reduce fares on the Connect service to ease pressure on the Piccadilly Line. Although we gained the support of Hounslow Council and local politicians, Heathrow Connect as yet unmoved.  

Heathrow Express
Well used between Paddington and Hayes & Harlington
Underused between Hayes & Harlington and Heathrow

Successfully disproved TfLs case for the West London Tram Project.

Argued, with some success for new lifts and escalators at local stations.  

Successfully argued for more bus shelters especially at Southall Station which TfL said could never be erected.  

Secured a bus link to Ealing Hospital for residents of Boston Manor.

Secured a stop at Christ Church Ealing for the 607 service and successfully secured a Sunday service and later running on this route.  

Fought and won the re-opening of the South exit at Hanwell Station making access to and from Hanwell Town much easier.  

Hanwell Station - South Exit
Will open again when Crossrail starts operating their western branch

Gained agreement for Crossrail to provide better frequency of service at Southall and Hanwell once they start operations in 2019.  

Shamed Chiltern into maintaining a regular, albeit infrequent service at Northolt.  

Took an active part in discussions with London Overground to provide local residents with what is now thought to be the UKs most improved service.

Our work goes on , but we do need more members and support.  

We are pressing for a more direct bus link from Southall to Terminal 5.

We are monitoring the NHS reorganisation plans to ensure bus links correspond.

We want to ensure that the Greenford branch will flourish and not wither away.

We want to help make sure Old Oak Common is developed for the benefit of Ealing.

We want to make sure that there will be adequate bus access to Crossrail stations.

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