WISH LIST August 2012

1. Southall tends to be busy well into the evening and there are lots
of returning commuters after 7.00pm but the peak service starts to wind down
too early.

2. At weekends, post midday, the traffic between Hounslow and Southall
rises sharply with shoppers and gurdwara-goers boosting the numbers
resulting in sever overcrowding.

3. The frequency of this route linking two major centres, Hounslow and
Southall, falls well below that of many other routes, eg E3, and this when
confounded by traffic congestion leads to a very hit and miss service along
the route. It is worth noting that once Ruislip Road is reached, and the 282
service follows the same route to Northolt, the passenger numbers fall away
sharply. EPTUG has advocated terminating the 120 service at Smiths Farm or
Grand Union Village for this reason.